What's new with the Freshdesk Knowledge Base

Sajesh Krishnadas
Modified on: Tue, 28 Apr, 2020 at 10:54 AM

The content creation and management experience has been completely reimagined to help support teams scale their content across multiple products and languages seamlessly.

So, here’s what has changed:

Instead of restructuring your categories, folders and articles using three separate pages, you can now restructure your knowledge base completely from a single two-pane view. You can reorder your content, move the content from one folder/category to another or even change the visibility of folders consisting of multiple articles, from a single place.

You can learn more on how to use the two-pane view to restructure your knowledge base here

You can now create and manage content under a workspace dedicated to each product you have added to your Freshdesk account.

Learn more about how to work with multiple products’ content here

Quick view window lets you access different article list views with a click of a button. This view displays information based on the product or language you have chosen. 

You can learn more about Quick views here

This view enables you to filter articles based on specific conditions, perform bulk actions on selected articles and also customise what columns should be displayed on the list view, to get the necessary information at a glance. 

You can learn more about how to set up Article list views here

Using the selector, you can switch to a specific language’s workspace consisting of the corresponding categories, folders and articles. This helps with tracking the content under each language to ensure that all the translations are up to date.

Instead of going into each and every article to understand whether the corresponding translations are available and up to date, you can now quickly access the list of articles that are in untranslated or outdated status, using the article list views.

You can learn more about how to manage translations using article status here

You can also check out this page, to know more about these updates and post your own questions or feedback. 

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